Get up-close-and-personal with Kip Moore with this intimate tour bus performance YouTube Screenshot/Rare Country
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Imagine you are just hanging out at a music festival, and Kip Moore pulls you on his tour bus. That’s what happened to several lucky fans recently at the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Just watch as Kip spends some time chatting and getting to know the fans from all over the country. He then goes on to play acoustic snippets of a few of his songs for them. The mini-concert includes “Complicated” and “That Was Us” from Kip’s latest album, “Wilds Ones,” and “Crazy One More Time,” from his debut project, “Up All Night.”

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You can clearly see how much fun the fans are having watching this up-close-and-personal set with Kip. It’s written all over their faces!

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Kip just finished up another big run of shows in Europe. He’s now back in the U.S. headlining his current Wild Ones tour and playing shows with Miranda Lambert.

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