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George Strait has always been the quintessential clean-cut, rugged cowboy type, so it’s still a little jarring to see him play an over-the-top, long-haired version of himself.

Back in 1992, George made his big screen debut in the film “Pure Country” as Dusty Chandler, a country superstar who has lost his roots as his star has risen.

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Since it was back in 1992, Dusty’s look is definitely in keeping with the times. Yep, that’s George Strait sporting a ponytail and a flashy jacket to play the role.

This video for “Heartland” is taken from the opening scenes of the movie. The song rocks harder than anything George had put out up to that point. The aggressive electric guitars on the song and the big light show are definitely inspired by the new guy in country music at that time — Garth Brooks.

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Garth was setting the world on fire with hits like “Friends in Low Places” and “Shameless” and high-energy concerts that rivaled any rock show on the road.

If you check out “Pure Country,” you’ll see Dusty eventually walks away from that big production and gets back to his country roots. He also gets a major haircut so he fully resembles the real George Strait.

You’ll also notice George’s co-star in “Pure Country” is a very young Kyle Chandler, who went on to play Coach Taylor on “Friday Night Lights.”

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