George Strait tells the most hilarious story of mistaken identity Getty Images/Terry Wyatt
Getty Images/Terry Wyatt

When George Strait is wearing his cowboy hat and Wrangler jeans with a pressed western shirt, there’s no country fan alive who wouldn’t recognize him on the spot. The thing is, George has been wearing that uniform since his career launched in 1981 with his debut hit, “Unwound.” He rarely appears in public in anything but that signature outfit.

That’s why George is able to fly under the radar in public when he wants to, even though he’s one of the biggest legends to ever grace the country format. We’ve heard reports that George is able to sit at a table in a crowded Las Vegas casino and not be recognized as long as he keeps his baseball hat on and doesn’t flash his signature grin.

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George shared a hilarious story of how easy it is for him to go incognito in a recent interview with “The New Yorker.” Since he records his albums at Jimmy Buffett’s studio in Key West, Florida, George regularly gets in some time fishing or hanging out on the beach while he’s there.

One time, George was standing hatless outside the recording studio when a woman approached him.

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She asked him, “My husband says that George Strait is in there, cutting a record, and I told him that can’t be true. Why would he cut a record in this little place?”

George’s response was a classic: “Honey, I was just in there, and I didn’t see him.”

If there weren’t any mirrors around, George really didn’t see himself. So, technically he wasn’t lying to the woman. We wonder if she recognizes that story now that George has shared it with the world.

George will be decked out in his cowboy gear again for his pair of shows in Las Vegas July 28 and 29.

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