George Strait has Forrest Gump to thank for this No. 1 song of his YouTube

The man can do no wrong.

Back in 1995 when George Strait was in the studio recording his latest string of soon-to-be hits, he came upon the song “Blue Clear Sky.” He loved it, but something wasn’t clicking with him. He kept thinking it was supposed to be “Clear Blue Sky.” He and his producer talked it through and couldn’t figure it out, so they called one of the song’s writers, Bob DiPiero, to ask him.

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They were right.

It was supposed to be reversed.

Bob DiPiero told the story when he played a songwriters show at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. “I went to see the movie some time ago called “Forrest Gump,” he told the crowd. “Well, Forest was talking about his girlfriend, Jenny. He wasn’t sure what was up with this girl Jenny. So one day he was waiting for her, this is in the movie you can check it out, he says “Jenny was gone, then all of a sudden, out of the blue clear sky, she came back.”

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As luck would have it, Bob had a songwriting session the very next day with his buddies John Jarrard and Mark Sanders. He brought up the backward idea and the three of them wrote the song that George Strait would take to the top of the charts in June of 1996 for his 29th chart-topper.

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