Garth Brooks reveals what he really thinks about "The Voice" coaches Instagram/@nbcthevoice

Garth Brooks had a great time filming his gig as a guest mentor on NBC’s “The Voice” this week, but he had to adapt to working with the different coaches’ unique styles.

While everyone was really sweet to him, Garth felt most at home working with his fellow country superstar Blake Shelton.

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Says Garth, “Working with Blake was pretty easy, just ’cause he’s [also] from Oklahoma.”

When it came to working with Adam Levine, Garth was surprised to find out they really gelled in their approach to music.

“Adam seems real hip and cool, but Adam’s very old school,” Garth says. “The main thing was just listen to the advice he was giving ‘em, and then just pile on top of that.”

Garth admits it was a bit of a stretch for him to get on the same wavelength as the free-spirited coach Miley Cyrus, though.


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He says, “The one where I was a little over my head was Miley Cyrus. Her guys had picked stuff that was a little out of my fringe, so all I could do was basically talk to them about the bigger picture.”


As for coach Alicia Keys, Garth has nothing but mad respect for the R&B diva.

He adds, “Alicia Keys, I think, is the lion that doesn’t have to roar. She just walks up; she’s so sweet…takes care of her artists. But they all really care about the artists and really care about the music.”

Catch Garth dishing out his words of wisdom on NBC’s “The Voice” at 8 p.m. ET Nov. 14 on NBC.

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