Garth Brooks reacts to his daughter's spot-on cover of one of his '90s megahits Getty Images/Michael Loccisano
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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood aren’t the only singers in their family these days. Garth’s daughter, Allie Brooks, is starting to make a name for herself around Nashville performing her original songs at small club shows. She’s also posted a few performances on her Facebook page, including this cover of her dad’s 1995 hit, “She’s Every Woman.”

So, what does Garth think of Allie following him into the family business? He’s thrilled, of course, but you won’t find him micro-managing every part of her career either.

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Garth tells Rare Country, “You’re trying to stay out of your daughter’s way, because you want her to do her own path and do her own thing.”

With that said, Garth is very impressed with the music his daughter has been making.

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“I’m a fan. I see her stuff. I’m going, ‘Wow, I want to hear more of whatever this person’s doing.’ I’ve got probably five or six on my list like that, and she is one of them. So, I try not to be, ‘Oh, you’re just a proud dad,’ or ‘You’re biased.’ I am, but at the same time, this little girl’s good. I enjoy her stuff.”

Allie may even have her dad running scared just a bit when she sings one of his songs.

Garth says with a laugh, “When she does a Garth Brooks song, it makes me feel proud, but I also hate the fact that she does it better than I do. I hate that, because she’s real intelligent on the guitar as well. Real great about melody.”

No matter what happens with Allie’s music career, she knows she can always count on her dad to have her back.

“I love her to death,” Garth says. “Very proud of the young woman that she is away from music and very proud of the artist that she’s becoming on her own journey.”


Garth is still traveling on his own musical journey with the release of his brand-new single, “Ask Me How I Know.” It’s the latest release from his current album, “Gunslinger,” available now.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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