Garth Brooks offers a source of hope for a broken, dark world Getty Images/Neilson Barnard
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If you’re like us, you could use a little extra inspiration these days. The news seems to keep getting worse with bombings and shootings beaming into our lives through TV and social media 24/7. In all this tragedy, Garth Brooks has a few words of wisdom from an unlikely source — the 1981 George Burns movie “Oh, God.”

In a new interview with AOL Build, Garth looks back on that film saying, “This little kid gets to talk to God. They’re walking down this hall, and she gets to ask the question we all would ask God, ‘Why do children have to die?’ That was the thing. She was asking, ‘Why is there bad things in the world?’ God looks at her and says, ‘Ever seen a top without a bottom?’ She goes, ‘No.’ He goes, ‘Well, you can’t have good without bad. You don’t recognize either one without the other.'”

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Garth goes on to explain that in every tragic story, you’re going to find some good.

He continues, “You’re gonna find those people that sacrificed their lives in this strategy so someone else could live. Those stories right there, those get me up. They get me going.”

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Garth also points to some wisdom he picked up for his own Teammates for Kids sports camps, which he launches in every city on his tour. The coaches have five words they stress to the campers, and one of them is “attitude.”

“What I love is when the coach sits up there and goes, “There’s only one thing you can control every morning. There’s only one thing, and that’s your own attitude,'” Garth says. “You either wake up and go, ‘You know, these bastards are gonna win today.’ Or you go, ‘I feel sorry for these bastards ’cause they’re not not gonna win today. I’m gonna be in a good mood.'”

In closing, Garth adds, “I think you can find inspiration everywhere. I think the question you have to ask yourself is if you’re not inspired, are you truly looking for it?”

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