Garth Brooks just singled out this newly engaged couple and blew their minds YouTube/Steven Flores
YouTube/Steven Flores

Entertainers will tell you that it’s pretty difficult to see much of the audience at their live shows. Their stage lights just don’t reach that far out. That’s why they’ll often have the venue turn up the house lights at some point so they can see to the rafters. Apparently, Garth Brooks’ stage lights reach pretty far, though, because he was able to spot one cowboy popping the question to his lovely lady.

During his performance of “Unanswered Prayers” at a show in his home state of Oklahoma, Garth looked over his left shoulder, then walked toward the side of the stage, looked up into the first tier and asked, “Did someone just propose to somebody up there?”

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Sure enough, a bearded cowboy named Drew and a beautiful lady in red named Chelsea got engaged during Garth’s performance. Of course, the country music superstar took the opportunity to grill the couple, and found out that Drew had been planning the moment for three months.

Since the engagement was brand new, the couple had nothing planned as far as wedding dates or other specifics, but that didn’t stop Garth from wanting to give Drew and Chelsea a celebratory engagement gift. So the singer asked, “Cheslea, where do you want to go on your honeymoon?” Obviously, she hadn’t given it any thought yet, so Garth helped her out a bit with her decision.

“If you pick Hawaii, Ms. Yearwood and I are paying for it,” he said, referring to his wife and touring partner, Trisha Yearwood.

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Boom. Done. Deal sealed.

Of course, once he realized he had set a precedent, Garth immediately asked if anyone else was getting engaged at the show. He then comically bent over, grabbing his knees in a sigh of relief when nobody answered in the affirmative.

It could have become an expensive night for the Oklahoma native!

Congratulations Drew and Chelsea!

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