Garth Brooks gets sappy about his love for Trisha Yearwood Getty Images/Rick Diamond
Getty Images/Rick Diamond

Every woman hopes they find a guy who’ll look at them like Garth Brooks looks at Trisha Yearwood. After more than a decade as man and wife, this couple is still ridiculously in love. It’s not something Garth ever expected to find in his life.

Speaking of his romance with Trisha, Garth tells Rare Country, “I can’t believe this really exists. I can’t believe there’s somebody in this world that no matter how many times you get to be with them, all that does is make you want to be with them more. For the first time, forever isn’t long enough. That’s crazy, but I’m the lucky guy that found that.”

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If all this sounds like the lyrics to a sappy love song, Garth is fully aware of it.

He adds, “We’re the saps that we thought didn’t exist that [all] those songs are for. There’s a sappy song, and those songs become our songs.”

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Don’t think for a second Garth is taking his status at Trisha Yearwood’s husband for granted, though.

He says with a laugh, “I always introduce her as ‘The love of my life,’ and she introduces me as her current husband. So, I’m just trying to keep the gig.”

Garth and Trisha are on the road together with their wildly successful world tour. Go to for the latest dates and Ticketmaster to purchase tickets.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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