Garth Brooks brought a grieving mother the biggest “God wink” ever delivered Sophie Goudreau

They say things happen for a reason and timing is everything. If that’s the case, then Garth Brooks was meant to be in Sophie Goudreau’s life at the exact moment that he was.

When Sophie went to see Garth perform on April 3, 2016 in Ottawa, Canada, she had only been a fan of his for a few months — all thanks to the song “Mom.”

You see in 2011, Sophie’s 3-year-old son Antoine was killed in a tragic accident. Slightly autistic, Antoine took off running in an unannounced game of catch-me-if-you-can. Running down to the street, Sophie reached her son right as he rounded the car parked along the curb and was struck by a passing pickup truck.

Sophie immediately ran to her son, but there was nothing to be done. Antoine held her hand and made a few sounds before he took his last breath.

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To say life has been difficult since then is an understatement, but that’s where Garth comes in.

“I heard his new song “Mom,” and he immediately touched my heart right away. I cried,” she said in an exclusive interview with Rare Country. “This song reminded me that my son came from God, came here for a while, did what he had to do and went back Home.”

Being a new fan, her husband, Gary, surprised her with tickets to the show, which just happened to fall on her birthday.

“I made a prayer just before the show. I asked my son and my mom to pay me a visit on my birthday since I often feel sad on my birthday and wanted to change that. I also asked them for a special favor,” Sophie explained. “I mentioned I had a sign Gary had put together for me asking Garth to sing the song ”Mom” for my birthday, and I really would like to see Garth sing it for me.”

During the show, Garth saw the sign and acknowledged her but didn’t sing. During the encore however, he read a few signs before looking her way asking “…where’s that birthday girl?”

That’s when it happened. Garth led 20,000 fans in a happy birthday singalong and then asked Sophie why that particular song. From the stand,s she told Garth her son died when he was only 3 years old. Stunned, Garth could only muster “…then why don’t we sing this because where babies come from is where they go to.”

With one spotlight on him and another on her, Sophie could only wipe away tears.

“I couldn’t say much, I was too emotional. I was so happy that God answered my prayer and special request and on my birthday. What a grand way to show Himself. I just carry this special time with me now feeling reassured once again that God answers prayers and my son Antoine manifested himself in a way he knew I could relate,” she said.

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To make it even more special? The concert took place on April 3, the very beginning of Autism Awareness Month. Even more, all by coincidence, Light It Up Blue is the Autism Awareness slogan and wouldn’t you know it, the entire stage around Garth was lit in brilliant blue.

So thank you Garth for delivering the biggest ‘God wink’ a grieving momma could ever hope for.

Based in Chicago but often in Nashville, Ken Churilla is a contributor for Rare Country. Follow him @KenChurilla and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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