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Aside from being musically gifted, Garth Brooks’ larger-than-life persona makes his concerts even more incredible.

And, having his lovely country star wife, Trisha Yearwood, on tour with him is a major plus.

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On July 24, during a show at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, the married couple pleased fans with a rousing rendition of Trisha’s 1992 song “Walkaway Joe” — a song that includes backing vocals by Eagles member Don Henley.

Before launching into the tune, Garth seized the moment to joke with Trisha that she sang the song with Don instead of him.

Garth said, “I just want to remind everybody that you’re at a Garth Brooks show.” To which Trisha playfully responded, “These guys have paid enough to get in here tonight. It’s late. They don’t need to go to the therapy session that we obviously need to go to once the show’s over.”

With the twosome’s perfect chemistry, one might think that seeing them play live would indeed cost the big bucks. But, actually that’s not the case. In fact, Garth admits that his ticket prices are low. But to him, they’re priced low for a reason.

“I have never enjoyed playing a hall where the people on the floor were the rich people, and it never has made for a great crowd,” Garth told “Billboard,””If my kid said, ‘Hey, Dad, how come we’re not sitting down there?’ and I had to say, ‘We can’t afford it,’ that would break my heart. So I just wanted it to be luck of the draw.”


So, when it comes to pricing tickets for the Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood, Garth says that his tour promoter Ben Farrell and Ticketmaster teamed up to make sure fans didn’t get booted to the back of the line. That is — if the tickets for their concert sold out.

“They’ve come up with this system,” said Garth, “[and] they built it for us specifically, in the fact that if your show sells out, you immediately get in line for the next show, nobody gets in front of you. That hopefully makes your seats better, you’ve waited longer than anybody else, so you should be in the front of that line.”

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Despite being megastars, Garth and Trisha also keep their fans in mind about all of the other costly items they have to pay for at concerts, “You never go to a concert by yourself, so whatever your ticket price is, immediately double it. Parking is as much as the ticket in some places. Double it again if you’re having a babysitter, plus dinner. That’s a honking expensive night. So you take that into your thinking when you’re pricing your tickets,” said Garth.


Not only is Garth passionate about his fans, but he also doesn’t mind playing multiple concerts a day, too.

“It’s going to be over before I want it to be, and all the money in the world ain’t going to buy you another day.,” he said.

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