Garth Brooks addresses the lip-sync controversy with Ellen DeGeneres YouTube/Ellen Fun Club
YouTube/Ellen Fun Club

If you look at it from all the angles, it might have appeared as if Garth Brooks was in a no-win situation.

The toll of back-to-back-to-back shows began taking its toll on his voice and, in the middle of a 12-show run in Spokane, Washington, when it came time to perform at the CMA Awards, Garth had three options: 1. Perform with a compromised vocals that would reveal, and perhaps even worsen, his voice strain 2. Bail on the performance and become the only Entertainer of the Year nominee who didn’t perform, or 3. Lip sync.

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He chose the latter, then openly admitted it that same night as social media quickly became judge, jury, and Jesus on the artist’s decision.

While many of Garth’s fans defended the superstar’s action, others have virtually crucified him, mentally revoking his Entertainer of the Year honor, making hasty accusations of a career filled with lip-syncing and calling him a litany of names, not the least of which was “fake.”

But if you ask Garth, as talk show host Ellen DeGeneres did, he’d do it again.

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“The truth is, I love award shows. I think they’re sweet,” he told Ellen on the episode that aired Nov. 20. “But they’re like the tree is to Christmas. They’re the symbol of it, but they’re not what it’s all about. It’s about those people who put their butts in the seat, fight that traffic, pay that parking. That’s who you want to save your voice for.”

He went on to say, “We made that decision and I got to tell you, if it happened again tomorrow, I’d make the same decision.”

We applaud Garth’s conviction and his commitment to the fans.

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