It’s been 11 whole days since the infant son of Jason Aldean and wife Brittany made his Dec. 1 debut. And in typical fashion, family, friends and fans have spent the days that followed making early predictions on who Memphis will ultimately resemble and reveling in those early little milestones that every baby reaches.

Like his first smile.

OK, prepare yourself, because this is about the most precious thing to hit the internet.

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Maybe he’s dreaming about his next yummy bottle. Or maybe he’s dreaming about Santa’s impending visit. Or maybe he’s just gassy. We don’t even care because this is so cute, it could melt the biggest iceberg.

Of course, it has all been dreamy smiles and baby burps for the newest member of the country music community. So much so that when it comes to bath time, the three words that come to mind after seeing Memphis’ expression are, “What the heck?”

Tiny and wet, with a little blue heart providing some modesty, Memphis looks pitiful, angry, confused and ready to return to the nice, warm, safe womb he came from.

Sorry, pal. Not happening.

As we mentioned, Memphis just arrived on Dec. 1, but when the baby boy was just six days old, his mom shared a video of her son and it is absolutely remarkable. While we often hear that all babies do early in life is eat, sleep and wreck a whole lot of diapers, Memphis is happily gumming his paci and seriously checking things out. Wide eyed and alert, he looks at his mom as she’s saying, “Hey baby,” but also appears to be checking out his surroundings as he looks all around him.

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True to her word, Brittany hasn’t overshared pictures of Memphis. She had mentioned on social media that she didn’t want to overwhelm her social friends with photos of her newborn, which was met with a resounding “please, overwhelm us” from all of those who had been anxiously anticipating the birth of the couple’s first child together.

He may be too young for a picture with Santa, but we can’t wait to see the photos that come from this family’s first Christmas together.

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