Flashback to when Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter sang about a struggle we all know too well YouTube

Armed with nothing but their acoustic guitars, the improbable duo of Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter took over the 2011 CMA stage to perform a stunning acoustic rendition of their smash “You And Tequila.”

The song tells us what we already know: everybody is an addict. Every one of us has that one thing in our life we know is wrong, even still we just can’t resist. It could be anything: a person, a place, a drink or a drug. It could be a guy who can’t tear himself away from his work, a musician who won’t give up the dream, or the alcoholic who desperately loves her husband and readily admits her marriage is everything she’s ever wanted. Still when faced with the choice, she can’t help but choose liquor over love.

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“You and Tequila” says it perfectly. There are some things in our lives that just can’t be beaten. Even when the wrong choice will cost us everything, we still give in. Why? Because “…one is one too many but one more is never enough.”

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“You and Tequila” is absolutely a way of life but be careful, because as they say “…it’s always your favorite sins that do you in.”

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