Flashback to the time when Miranda Lambert blazed her trail with “Kerosene” YouTube

Miranda Lambert didn’t take a 2003 “Nashville Star” title, but she did light a fire down the road with “Kerosene.”

Released in 2005 as the third cut off of her album by the same name, “Kerosene” became a breakthrough hit. The album, which debuted that same year on March 15, shot up to No.1 on the country albums chart.

Both the track and the record were the perfect lead-off to Miranda’s follow-up album, “Crazy Ex-Boyfriend.”

In the video, the dirty blonde dons worn-out blue jeans and a wife-beater tank. Fueled by desire to get revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend who gave her a bad sting, Miranda flaunts this “don’t mess with me” attitude that we just can’t help but love. She’s a human torch with a twisted scheme. Emptying out kerosene from a tin down a long gravel path, the flammable liquid finds its way up the stairs of her ex’s house, then burns it to flames.

Clearly, he’s messed with the wrong woman.

Since then, Miranda has proved time and time again that she’s the charming rebel-sweetheart out of Texas. She once was a 22-year-old fiery pistol who introduced us to a new kind of country star and now more than a decade later, her country music candle is still burning strong.

Nashville-based writer and Rare Country contributor Melinda Lorge has always been passionate about country music. Follow her @MelindaLorge and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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