Come on, y’all. Let’s give it up for Faith Hill. The country music superstar, wife, and mother of three is about to celebrate her 50th birthday and she looks damn good. She feels good, too. And she’d be happy to tell you herself. In fact, she kinda did.

In an Instagram post, the breathtaking blonde is seen standing onstage at one of the stops on the “Soul2Soul: The World Tour” with her hunky hubs, Tim McGraw, watching nearby. While it’s uncertain what led up to the remark, she told adoring fans, “I’m going to stand here and say this right now, I”m happy to be 50.” The sassy superstar then added, “You put a 25-year-old girl up here next to me and I tell ya what, I’ll give her a run for her money.”


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Tim, who turned 50 in May, immediately raised his hand as if he was testifying to the heavens and said, “I have never been so proud to have a 50-year-old wife.”

We just bet you are!

Faith actually isn’t quite 50 yet. That milestone happens on Sept. 21, but she’s obviously already quite comfortable with that particular round number.

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She took a sizable break from music after giving birth to the couple’s three daughters and focused on being a good mom which, from the looks of those girls, she succeeded with splendidly. But it’s also obvious that Faith didn’t forget about her love of country music and passion for performing because she came back like GANGBUSTERS!

The little Mississippi girl has been leaving folks slack jawed in awe with her Beyoncé-meets-Tina-Turner set on the “Soul2Soul: The World Tour.” If you haven’t seen them yet, there’s still time, but you might want to shift it into third gear. They’re coming down the home stretch of the tour, which wraps in October.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Get “Freaked Out”

Faith Hill is ready to face off with a younger diva Instagram/@FaithHill_Fans
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