Faith Hill and Tim McGraw show off their Bahamas beach house Architectural Digest video screenshot

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have opened up their vacation home on their own private island in the Bahamas, and your jaw is guaranteed to hit the floor.

The couple created a dream world on the island, which is accessible only by plane. The process took a lot longer than they thought. They first bought this island in 2003, and only moved into this stunning home less than a year ago.

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So, what was the hold up?

Faith tells “Architectural Digest,” “We were a little bit naive, possibly.”

She continues, “We set out to build a house. We had no idea we had to build everything else. We basically had to build a little town.”

When they first bought the island, there was no electricity or running water. They had to build all that infrastructure, as well as housing for the construction workers and current caretakers on the island.

Tim says, “You don’t quite put all that together at first.”

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In the decade it took to build this amazing home, Tim and Faith and their three girls all lived in a pair of seaside yurts, or portable round tents, when visiting the island.

Tim says, “The kids loved it.”

As for the current home, Tim and Faith partnered with Nashville-based architects and designers to create a unique getaway. Everything about the house is designed to bring the stunning environment of the island indoors.

“We’ve been all over the world, and we really wanted to create a special place we couldn’t find anywhere else,” Faith says. “We wanted to feel connected to the outside. When the breeze comes through the room, it’s just life-changing. It really is! It’s something for the soul.”


Tim and Faith will surely enjoy their island paradise after putting in a year on tour together. You can check out dates for their “Soul 2 Soul World Tour” here.

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