Sara Evans wanted to go “a little dark” with her brand new lyric video for “Marquee Sign,” and Rare Country has your first look at the end result. Taking somewhat of a literal approach, the black and white video creatively displays the song’s lyrics over several different signs, including an actual theater marquee, in what looks like a small-town Main Street.

“I’m all about lyrics,” Sara tells Rare Country. “I love lyric videos because they really put a focus on what’s important and let the listener read the words that the writer wanted the bring to life.” In this case, that writer was Sara herself, who penned “Marquee Sign” with Nashville songwriters Jimmy Robbins and Heather Morgan.

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This is the first video Sara has made as the owner of her own label, Born To Fly Records, but she says she gave her creative team freedom to work out the concept. “I wanted something a little dark to fit the vibe of the song,” she tells Rare Country. “So that was the only direction I gave the team.

“I love how the ‘Marquee Sign’ lyric video really illustrates that dark spookiness in the song, really underscoring that you don’t really ever fully know someone,” she adds.

Staring her own label this year, Sara says, gave her “such a free feeling,” especially because she admits she’s a bit of “a control freak” when it comes to her music and image. Being in charge, she jokes, “makes me feel like an adult.”

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“Marquee Sign” is the first single from Sara’s newest album, “Words,” which comes out July 21. The album is chock-full of contributions from female songwriters, something Sara says was more of “a very happy accident” than a deliberate strategy, but she says showcasing the talents of so many talented women “made me really proud.” She wasn’t trying to make “a statement,” she says, but still managed to make one organically.

Speaking of talented women, Sara’s middle child and oldest daughter, 14-year-old Olivia, provides background vocals on “Marquee Sign,” as previously reported.

While she has made many music videos in her career, Sara does have a favorite … so far. It’s her 2001 hit “Born To Fly.” Says Sara, “It was a very long and hard shoot, but the end result just turned out better than I could have ever imagined. We also won the CMA Award for music video of the year that year for it.” Watch that “Wizard of Oz”-inspired video here.

Exclusive: Sara Evans goes “dark” for new “Marquee Sign” video (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for HGTV)
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