Dolly Parton just revealed the secret that keeps her feeling so young at age 70 YouTube
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Dolly Parton just turned 70 years old in January, but she’s showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. In fact, she’ll be busier than ever this year with a brand-new North American tour in the works and a new album, “Pure and Simple,” coming out soon.

At a press conference in Nashville, Dolly explained that she doesn’t spend much time thinking about the past because she’s got too much work left to do.

She says, “I ain’t got time to look back there or I’ll never get anywhere. I just use the past as stuff to draw from and to kind of enrich the future. But I’m always looking forward.”

Even though she’s reached amazing heights in her career, Dolly still feels pressure to achieve even more.

She adds, “I just think I’m gonna run out of time. I’ve still got so much I want to do. I keep thinking, Don’t think like that. Just do it. Just work like you’re 16. I wrote a song called “I’m 16” and it’s on my “Pure and Simple” album. It’s about that. I feel like I’m still in my teens.”

Dolly is also planning a TV movie based on her hit song “Jolene” to air later this year. The DVD of her “Coat of Many Colors” TV movie will be out in May.

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