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Dolly Parton is in the TV business in a big way since her movie “Coat of Many Colors” was a huge hit last December. Carrying on in that family-friendly vein, Dolly has just revealed plans to turn one of her most inspirational songs into a possible TV series.

In an interview with “Rolling Stone,” Dolly reveals she’s currently developing a script for her song, “The Seeker.” Check out this clip of Dolly performing “The Seeker” during her concert at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium last summer.

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She compares the new “The Seeker” project to a cross between the classic TV series “Highway to Heaven” and “Touched by an Angel.”

Dolly says, “What we are trying to do with that is we’ll have a character, almost like a Christ-like type of character, but someone struggling like my song says, ‘I’m just a seeker, a poor sinful creature / there is no weaker than I am / I am a seeker. You are teacher / You are a reacher, so reach down.’ He has this gift, but he struggles with it and doesn’t completely understand it, but everywhere he goes he makes wonderful things happen.”

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She goes on to explain the main character in “The Seeker” will be a singer or writer.

There’s no timeline for “The Seeker” at this time, but you can look forward to seeing Dolly’s sequel to “Coat of Many Colors” — “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love” — this holiday season on NBC.

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