Jason Aldean’s new photos of Memphis make us question his “mini me” status Instagram/@jasonaldean

One of the most fun things to do after a new baby arrives is to decide whether the infant looks more like mom or dad. Sometimes the newborn favors one over the other, and other times it is an awesome mash-up of both.

For eight weeks now, we’ve been talking about how much handsome little newborn Memphis is father Jason Aldean’s mini-me, but the country music superstar just shared new photos of his son that have us a rethinking our original notion.

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Jason actually shared two images on Instagram. The first is a side-by-side pair of black and white photos. On the left is, obviously, Memphis. On the right is Jason as an infant. And the resemblance? Not so much!

Even Jason writes, “People say this guy looks like me … here is a side-by-side. He is much better lookin’ than his dad. 😂 #memphisaldean”

Now, we aren’t making excuses for our former analysis of Memphis’ “mini me” status, or maybe we are, but let’s look at a couple of things. First, the photos are taken from slightly different angles. Also, in the picture of Memphis, his adorable little Cupid’s bow lips are slightly blocked, and that’s one of the places where he most resembles his dad.


Jason also shared the same set-up of photos showing Memphis next to a picture of mom Brittany and, whoa Nelly! Do you see traces of his beautiful mom in this baby boy? He definitely has more of mom’s hair follicles than dad’s! His eyes also favor Brittany’s in this particular photo.

But Jason isn’t sure. He writes, “Or maybe he looks like his mama???? 👎🏼😬”

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or maybe he looks like his mama???? 👎🏼😬

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Fortunately, we aren’t the only ones that were having a fun time with this new revelation. Comments on the side-by-side of Memphis and Brittany included fan @belindashreve writing, “He looks just like her baby pic! He’s precious!” and @denisegreen719, who remarks, “@jasonaldean he looks like you NOW! Not as a baby!” Oh yeah, we can definitely see that. But  @___mgc comments, “Perfect mix of both❣😍💕,” and we have to agree. As an infant, baby Memphis definitely shows characteristics of both his mom and his dad.


But, as Denise points out above, it’s hard to deny that, right now, little Memphis looks just like his dad. And remember, he did even in the womb!

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ready to meet my little twin! 😬 #memphisaldean

A post shared by Jason Aldean (@jasonaldean) on


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Seriously, though, does it even matter? Handsome dad, breathtaking mom, and also two pretty big sisters. This little nugget was destined to be adorable.

Memphis just celebrated his eight week birthday, and soon we’ll get to see his little personality begin to develop, which brings a whole new level of fun to the game. For now, though, we can’t help but fall more and more in love with this precious baby boy.

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