Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalls the harrowing and hilarious moment he was “spit on” in South Korea Instagram/@dalejr

Before we really get started: do you guys know about Dale Earnhardt Jr.?s ?Dirty Mo Radio” podcast? Oh man ? welcome to a whole new world of Junior.

The ?Dale Jr. Download? podcast features musings from the former NASCAR driver and his co-host, Mike Davis, on racing, traveling, life, NASCAR rumors and pretty much anything, really. It seems nothing is off limits.

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That includes all the embarrassing moments that happened while the two were in South Korea for the Winter Olympics, where Dale Jr. was on assignment for NBC.

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Perhaps the most memorable?or at least the most hilarious?moment of the entire trip came from a special dinner these two attended.

?We can?t talk about this,? Dale jokes as Mike leads into the story.

Here?s how it all started. Dale and Mike were out at a restaurant for an evening meal. We?ll let Junior take it from there …


?We?re sitting at these tables. It?s the kind where you sit on your butt and take your shoes off,? Junior says.

?And you sit on the floor,? Mike chimes in.

?But there was a table,? Dale continued. ?And there was a family eating behind us, and the guy had a mouthful of food and he sneezed and it flew?the food flew! All this food like shrapnel, little specks of food, flew across the room and got on me and everyone around me.?

We are howling. That is too funny. It happens, y?all. We do feel kind of badly for Dale, and definitely worse for the poor guy who sneezed because you know he was just mortified.

Watch the exchange below to get the full effect …

The entire podcast is a real riot, and also very insightful. We?re just happy we have another way to keep in touch with Dale Jr. now that he?s officially retired from the track.

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Try to behave, you two.

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