Craig Morgan couldn’t help but cry when telling this story about his USO experience Ken Churilla

Craig Morgan is no stranger to the USO. Having served more than ten years in the US Army and another-six plus in the reserves, Craig is one of the few to ever know the importance of performing for the troops from both sides.

So when Craig took the stage at the 2016 CMA Fest with Kellie Picker to talk about the importance of the USO’s work, he couldn’t help but share a story that literally brought him to tears.

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He recalled one particular USO stint, in which he was standing talking with a solider when another solider in full gear came up to say hello. He informed Craig that while they had never met, they shared a mutual friend. After telling Craig the soldier’s name, Craig responded that he did indeed know him and knew him well.

“What you don’t know is he died on that mountain,” the soldier said, pointing to a mountain not incredibly far from where they were standing.

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At this point in the story is where Craig started to break down onstage. As tough as he is, and trust us when we say that there are few tougher men in this world, it was in that moment where he went from country star to fellow soldier and started to choke back tears as he went on.

“What you also didn’t know is before and after every mission he would play your music. He told us about your service and what you meant to him and to us, and I want to thank you.”

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