Country's hot, new bad boy delivers the defiant anthem we all need to hear YouTube screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live
YouTube screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live

By now, we’re all learning that country newcomer Tucker Beathard is a bit of a bad boy. Just look at the new video for his latest single, “Momma and Jesus.” He’s performing death-defying stunts on a bike, riding naked with his pals on a rolling bar through downtown Nashville, and getting pelted with paint guns while wearing women’s lingerie and a wig.

There’s no doubt Tucker marches to the beat of his own drummer.

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Perhaps that’s why he’s written and released this brand-new single, “Fight Like Hell.” It’s the title track from his debut EP, and the message of the song is one we can all relate to from time to time.

The verses list all the ways life can beat us down, but the chorus encourages us all to stand back up and, well, fight like hell.

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“It’s just a fight song,” Tucker says. “My favorite thing about that song is the opening line, ‘When there’s still a little month at the end of the money.’ I think that kind of draws you in. You can talk about one specific thing, but it’s trying to reach out to anybody and everybody saying, ‘You can stay tough. Keep fighting like hell.'”

Enjoy this commanding performance of “Fight Like Hell” from Tucker’s recent appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The “Fight Like Hell” EP also includes Tucker’s debut hit, “Rock On.”

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