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As the dreadful day of Oct. 2 began to come to a close, many Americans tuned into the final press conference of the night, in which Clark County [Nevada] Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo spoke to reporters about the sickening details of the Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy in Las Vegas. He went through a list of still shocking statistics about the shooting, which took the lives of 59 people and forever changed the lives of over 500 more who were injured during a Jason Aldean performance.

And then the assistant sheriff took questions.

And country music fans couldn’t believe what they heard next.

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“If last night Jason Aldean had managed to say to the crowd ‘take cover’ before he ran offstage, do you think he could have saved lives?” a reporter asked approximately 13 minutes into the press conference.

The assistant sheriff looked startled.

“I wasn’t there,” he began. “I don’t know what Jason Aldean was thinking when he was on the stage. I do know that a common thing is [that] when people hear gunfire, they run for cover. That’s a natural human instinct. I don’t know what he said before he left the stage. But the investigation will bring that out.”

He didn’t say anything. He did what thousands of people did at the moment the shots ran out: He ran for his life.

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Immediately after the press conference, country music fans headed to their socials to express their absolute disdain over the fact that the question was even asked. “Reporter tried to imply that Jason Aldean may have blood on his hands if he didn’t yell for people to take cover,” one Twitter user said. “Absurd question.”

Other fans were also quick to weigh in.

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