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Willie Nelson’s music is a work of art. That is obvious.

But who knew his face could be an inspirational masterpiece all its own?

A 60-by-20-foot mural of ‘the red headed stranger’ is on display in Austin, Texas, and we’re pretty sure it will be there for a very long time. The painting, which covers an entire wall of a building that is located across the street from a homeless center, is the latest installment by Austin-based artist and musician Wiley Ross.

“I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t like Willie Nelson,” said Wiley to FOX 7 Austin. “And if they did, you might want to be a little suspect of that person.”

And while there were some social media rumblings hinting that not everyone in Austin is thrilled with the virtually permanent mural, a majority of Austin residents seem to love the picture that Wiley and his friend, Heart of Texas Rock Fest founder Adam Brewer, teamed up to complete. Some Twitter users even came to their defense in support of such a beautiful piece.

With its beautiful array of colors, the friends say they hope to send folks nearby a message to keep the city clean.

Now that the mural is finished, it will be used as a backdrop for the cities 17th annual Heart of Austin Rock Fest.

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