Country legend Charlie Daniels just went on a political rant you must read to believe Associated Press

Charlie Daniels is mad as hell about the United States’ response to last week’s terror attacks in Paris. The singer posted a new blog on his website titled “It’s Now or Never Time in America,” laying out his thoughts on what these events mean for the States.

Daniels is sounding the alarm saying, “Folks, I think Paris is just a prototype, a field test, and a harbinger of bigger things planned and already on the drawing board.”

Since ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, Daniels thinks American troops should go in and wipe the organization off the face of the earth.

“Bomb without ceasing; don’t even let them stick their heads out,” Daniels writes.

He also thinks the U.S. should “put an elite group of Special Forces on the ground with no rules of engagement, give them everything they need and keep politics out of their way.”

As you may have guessed, Daniels is also against allowing Syrian refugees into the United States, and he’s not happy with President Obama’s approach on that issue.

Daniels says, “Obama is hell bent on bringing untold thousands of these people to America. This is insanity, an act that could well result in the kind of slaughter we saw in Paris. He needs to be stopped; once these people are assimilated into society it will be too late.”

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