Country duo Maddie & Tae get a whole lot more serious on their new track

Maddie & Tae’s new single “Fly” is completely different from their number one debut “Girl in a Country Song.”

And that may be a great thing.

Though “Girl in a Country Song” got the up-and-coming country duo onto talk shows and social media (, “Fly” just may earn the duo the critical acclaim that they so richly deserve.

“Just like we didn’t want our second single to be like our first one, we didn’t want our second video to be anything like our first one, which was so fun,” 19-year-old Tae Dye explained recently in a press release about the upcoming video for “Fly”, which will be directed by the always evocative Brian Lazzaro.  “I think Brian really took the idea of how vulnerable you feel when you’re trying and it’s crazy… and found ways that weren’t literal to represent that.”

“Brian’s amazing (with his) idea of ladders and chairs to show the climb,” Maddie Marlow added about the upcoming video. “Being suspended – which we are in the performance – is just how it feels when you want everything to happen, but you’re sort of stuck in what you want and how it is. But that’s what the song’s about, too, those are the times when you really truly do have to keep trying.”

And as we wait for the video, Maddie & Tae are on their way to Phoenix this week to play the Verizon Super Bowl Central ahead of Super Bowl XLIX.

Tricia Despres is a senior correspondent for Rare Country, based out of Chicago. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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