The eyes of the nation were on the state of Alabama Dec. 12 as Republican candidate Roy Moore faced off against Democratic candidate Doug Jones in a special election for U.S. Senate. The winner would fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, who is now the U.S. Attorney General.

Though Alabama hasn’t elected a Democrat for statewide office since 1992, Jones defeated Moore once the numbers all came in. Moore faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct with minors, and also drew criticism for his comments on racial and LGBT rights.

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The reaction on social media was jubilant from a handful of artists, including Natalie Maines. She posted a picture of her dog with a sign posted around its neck saying, “Alabama!! Thanks for putting a smile on my mom’s face. I knew you could do it!”

Natalie added in the caption, “Thank you Alabama! You have singlehandedly restored my faith in humanity!”

She posted another Instagram photo of Roy Moore with the words “God knew!” written across it. The caption says, “Wonder why God didn’t allow a ‘good Christian’ to win? Must be because #godhatespedophiles.”

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Chely Wright was also  jubilant to see Jones win. She tweeted, “I’m crying. Way to go, Alabama. Decency reigns.”

Chely also pointed out that Jones didn’t say one unkind word about any person or group in his acceptance speech.

Alabama native Jason Isbell, who performed in support of Jones earlier in the week, also weighed in on the election results.

He tweeted, “Congratulations to @GDouglasJones and everyone who worked so hard on his campaign. It’s awfully nice to know American democracy isn’t quite dead yet.”

Country artists weigh in on the surprising Democratic victory in Alabama Instagram/@1nataliemaines
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