Cole Swindell puts his fans and the military first and foremost Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach

There are so many nice guys and great gals in country music we can hardly keep track of them all. But when it comes to the newest generation of country stars, it’s hard to beat Cole Swindell. That means when Rare Country staffers were asked to come up with just five things we love about this sweet singer-songwriter for Rare Country’s 5, it was almost painful to cut us off at just the Top 5.

For example, one of the things we love most about Cole is his deep love and respect for America and our country’s armed forces. The young Georgia boy has honored service members in songs and videos like “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey,” but he really puts his money where his mouth is, and the music where the military is, with his ongoing relationship with the USO.

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Another thing that makes us love him is how much he loves you! When it comes to his fans, Cole never hesitates to go above and beyond to make them feel welcome and loved, and to make sure they know how much he appreciates them. His meet-and-greets are more like family reunions with lots of hugs and handshakes. And when one of his younger fans shows up, he turns into a teddy bear.

We have a few more reasons we love Cole Swindell in this week’s Rare Country’s 5, so be sure to check out that video. When you’re finished, come on and tell us one or two (or 10) things you love about the “Flatliner” singer so we can compare notes.

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Don’t forget to check back in later this week when we have more fun and news in and around country music with Rare Country’s 5.

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