Cole Swindell honors a late fan with a moving tribute during his recent Las Vegas show YouTube/Cole Swindell
YouTube/Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell truly has a heart as big as the sky.

On the latest episode of his web series, “Swindell Vision,” Cole takes us back to Las Vegas, where he stops by the Clark County Fire Department to thank the first responders who were on the scene during the tragic Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting in October.

It was an emotional visit for Cole and the firefighters as they recounted the events that took place that night.

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“I tell you, we sign up for this,” one firefighter revealed. “We’ve all seen some bad stuff. But that obviously was a call that … we train, we go through classes but we were way outside the box on a lot of things that night.

“We adjust and that’s what we do,” the firefighter added.

Cole marveled at the wall of handwritten notes and cards that have been sent to to the firefighters since that day, many of them from children.

“It’s one thing to post on social media, but to handwrite a letter to somebody…,” he said, trying to choke back tears.

This is an important part of Cole’s role as an artist—getting to meet with the people who make a difference in the world, like those who ran into danger that fateful night.

“Just to meet people and spend some time,” he said. “I love being onstage, but that’s all real life. Getting to hang and tell these folks thanks and how much they mean to us is important to me. I wanted their family to know how much I appreciate them as well.”

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Cole’s last show of the year was at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas, and for that show, he prepared something extra special. We’re warning you now: you will need tissues, as this is incredibly powerful and emotional.

During his final show, Cole wanted to honor a very special fan, Brennan Stewart, a country singer who posted a cover video of Cole’s hit, “You Should Be Here,” just months before he attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival as a fan.

Tragically, Brennan’s was one of the many lives lost during the concert.

Cole knew exactly how he wanted to honor this fan—by playing Brennan’s cover video on the big screen during the show for everyone to see, so that they will remember him and his heart for country music. He also met with those closest to Brennan at the show.


“Brennan covered my song and put it up on YouTube a couple months before he was killed in that tragedy and it’s just heartbreaking to see,” Cole said. “But to meet his friends and family—you just never know what is going to happen. Life is precious. To all Brennan’s family and friends, thank y’all for coming out.”

Next year, Cole’s headlining “Reason To Drink Tour” with Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina will kick off in February.

And get excited—there’s a new album coming your way in 2018, too!

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