Chris Janson gave his wife one of the most romantic Mother’s Day gifts we have ever seen YouTube

The beauty of country music is the realness that resides within the songs. That has always separated country from everything else and it’s what seems to be separating Chris Janson from every other artist.

The “Buy Me A Boat” singer is back and as great as that song was, his new tune, “Holdin’ Her,” has everything it takes to take his career to a whole new level.

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Telling the start-to-finish story of Chris and his wife, Kelly, “Holdin’ Her” may sound like a made-for-TV love song, but in many ways it is as far from one as you can get.

With lyrics that range from spotlighting his darkest mistakes to highlighting the four children they share — two together and two from Kelly’s first marriage, which Chris refuses to call stepchildren, instead deeming them his “bonus kids” — it was important to Chris not to gloss over the reality that’s made his marriage what it is.

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“It’s way more than just a song,” he recently told “Rolling Stone.” “It’s a testament to true love, which is hard to find, and I have that. I married my best friend, I got bonus kids when I got married, and I got two more kids that God blessed us with. The song is the epitome of that.”

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