Country stars have all kinds of great ways to stay fit—lifting weights, running, yoga—or some use good old-fashioned exercise, like sit-ups and push-ups. Need to increase the intensity of your push-ups? One easy way is to add extra weight, you know, like a toddler.

On a day off at home in Nashville, Thomas Rhett was sneaking in a little workout to keep his biceps, pecs and core in tip-top shape, and daughter Willa Gray decided to give ol’ Pops a hand. Or a tushy.

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In Mom Lauren’s Instagram Story, little Willa can be seen asking dad if she could help him out.


Once she was safely positioned on Thomas Rhett’s back, he continued with his push-ups, with Willa encouraging him, “Go Daddy!”


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But Willa Gray has already started flexing her independence, and when she realized she wasn’t getting quite the workout that daddy was getting, she climbed down, laid on her belly and begin happily kicking her feet. Darn close to a push-up, but not quite there yet.


Of course, Thomas Rhett encouraged his young daughter to adopt proper form for her push-ups, but …toddler.


It’s worth noting that Willa Gray did try to give her seat on daddy’s back to her very pregnant mommy, Lauren, who declined the offer.

Check out Thomas Rhett’s adorable toddler training Instagram/@Laur_Akins
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