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Garth Brooks first television appearance on AM Oklahoma in 1986

The saying “you’re not getting older, you’re getting better” has to be true. We see evidence of it in country music all the time. Country stars like Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton have discarded their early mullets for closer cuts and, oh, do they look handsome. Even Carrie Underwood, who has never had a second of being unattractive in her life, has gone from being a cute and sweet girl to a breathtaking and strong young woman.

Garth Brooks isn’t exempt from the rule either. In fact, he’s not getting older, he’s getting way better.

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We unearthed some video of one of Garth’s early television appearances on “AM Oklahoma” in 1986. Now, keep in mind that Garth didn’t bust down the doors on a national level until 1989. He would have been around 24 years old at the time of this appearance, but boy does he look so much better now.

While the issue of Garth’s current facial hair — the beard — has been discussed and debated (wife Trisha Yearwood votes to keep it), we should all agree that it’s a marked improvement over what was happening in 1986. The hunky country superstar had a respectable “porn-stache” and wore a trucker hat.

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What hasn’t changed, though, is how amazing the Oklahoma native sounds. An admitted super fan of George Strait, Garth sings The King’s 1986 chart-topper, “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her,” and it is a darn fine cover.

In fact, we’ll let him have that awkward mustache just because he sounds so good.

Actually, no we won’t. Garth, please never grow a stache ever again.

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