When you’re under the weather, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in the arms of the one you love. Sometimes. Other times, you just want a warm blanket. Scotty McCreery’s girlfriend, Gabi, kinda got the best of both worlds.

While no specific ailment has been mentioned, Scotty recently shared pictures of Gabi gargling on his Instagram Story. And what was she gargling? Whiskey! Apparently the pretty brunette had a sore throat, and gargling the strong, brown liquor is an old home remedy that is sure to kill off every germ in her entire little body.


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The country star also shared another photo on Instagram, and it looked like Gabi was getting some much needed rest snuggled under a cozy blanket. Look closer though. That’s Scotty’s handsome mug on that blanket!

And instead of a romantic, sentimental or heartwarming message to his gal, Scotty quotes the movie “Monsters, Inc.” for the caption. “I’m watching you Wazowski. Always watching …”

I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching…

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Considering what we know about their relationship though, those words are kinda sweet in a funny way.

Get well soon, Gabi!

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