Check out Blake Shelton in all of his mullet glory in this 2004 chart-topper Blake Shelton/YouTube Screenshot
Blake Shelton/YouTube Screenshot

Good Lord, he was just a baby.

At the time it was released in 2004, “Some Beach” was just a great tongue-in-cheek song. But when you look back, Blake Shelton was showing us very early on his great sense of humor.

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While the single wouldn’t be released to radio until late July, it was June 29, 2004, when Blake started filming the video that would help propel this semi-salty hit to the top of the charts.

The fantastic video features a great cameo appearance by NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler but this wasn’t the first time Elliott appeared in one of Blake’s music videos. He also shows up in Blake’s video for his 2001 hit, “Ol’ Red.”

In fact, by the time “Some Beach” came around, the two guys had been good buddies for more than a few years. Truth be told, it had to feel good to Elliott to finally pull up alongside someone and flip them the bird, as he does in the video. Can you imagine him doing that in the middle of a NASCAR race?

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The song itself was an instant classic and to this day is a fan favorite of Blake’s catalog. It just goes to show that Blake has always been a great country singer but man, thank God somebody got hold of him and sheared off that mullet because that thing is just bananas…. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

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