Charlie Daniels sounds off on what he really thinks of Donald Trump — and it may surprise y’all Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx

As the presidential election ramps up, so are Charlie Daniels’ rants.

On his latest soapbox/political rant on his website, Charlie explains in detail why he?s unsatisfied with President Obama?s results. He also outlines why he believes staying the course with Clinton or Sanders would be bad, but he seems to hint that Trump would be even worse.

?Obama will leave America a much weaker and divided nation than the one he was elected to lead,” says Charlie. “He will leave mountains of debt, fractured racial relations, a national health care plan with catastrophic provisions that won’t go into effect until after he’s out of office??

Charlie also believes when it comes to the rest of the world that the U.S. is no longer feared or respected. But it?s this sentence that hints that even though Charlie is a staunch Republican, he may not be behind the man leading his party right now.

?The political and fiscal debacles that Obama will leave behind, while formidable, are not insurmountable, if approached with common sense and understanding of the patience and sacrifice it will take to undo the damage that’s been done.?

Patience and sacrifice? We?re not trying to put words in Charlie’s mouth, but that doesn?t sound like Trump to us.

Based in Chicago but often in Nashville, Ken Churilla is a contributor for Rare Country. Follow him @KenChurilla and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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