Charlie Daniels is sick to death of American police officers being killed Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx

Without question this country is sitting inside one of the scariest times in its history, and Charlie Daniels knows it.

While an election year always tends to bring about a bit of division, that’s not the thing that has Charlie riled up these days. Even as a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, like most Americans, Charlie is sick of what’s happening with the recent backlash of “Black Lives Matter.” More specifically, he’s sick of what the movement has become. It’s not the protesters or even the despicable chanting. It’s what that all had led to — dead police officers.

Charlie took to his website on July 18, 2016 to not only express his anger over the recent police shootings in Baton Rouge and Dallas, but to also describe his fears of what the next steps could be.

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“While every murder of a policeman is just as despicable as the other, these latest shootings have taken on the appearance of a more sinister character, the planning and execution of the killings more like a military operation with target accessibility and acquisition and the capability of the weapon to do the job well thought out in advance,” Charlie writes. “This is not the action of some nut walking down the street with a Saturday night special randomly popping off at every badge he sees. This is cold and calculated. So far, most of the killings have been carried out by lone wolf types acting in solo, but how long will it take for two, three or more like minded misfits to figure out how much more carnage they could cause by operating in concert.”

This isn’t your usual Charlie Daniels soapbox but then again, this isn’t your usual problem. This isn’t terrorists or two sides of the political ring. This is Americans killing Americans, and there are no two sides to an argument like that. Charlie (along with millions of other Americans) believes that the police are just as sacred as our military veterans and deserve not only our respect, but also our utmost support — not just to stop the madness of today, but to prevent the madness that could be on the horizon.


“What we are seeing on the streets of America is not just the settling of scores with police, it is anarchy and anarchy has it’s very own Pandora’s box, once opened it can spread in ways that cannot even be imagined. Who is to say who will be the next to come to the notice of these depraved people who think the way to push their sick agenda is with a gun.”

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“Amenities aside, the difference between living in America and living in Afghanistan is law and order pure and simple, we have a protector who stands between us and those who want to harm us. Without the police and other law enforcement agencies America would become a jungle, a daily personal battle to protect your family and property with no cavalry ever coming and no relief in sight,” says Charlie.


Sadly but not surprisingly, he’s right. The police in this great country of ours risk their lives every day so that the rest of us can rest easy. They walk into situations without knowing what’s on the other side, and they show up at the drop of a dime regardless of what we need. Every day they walk out the door they kiss their wives, husbands and babies not knowing if that was a kiss goodnight or a final kiss goodbye. They deserve our respect. They deserve our support.

They deserve to not be shot at.

Based in Chicago but often in Nashville, Ken Churilla is a contributor for Rare Country. Follow him @KenChurilla and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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