Charlie Daniels calls out this group for not appreciating the value of hard work Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx

Country singer Charlie Daniels is no stranger to a politically-charged comment every now and then. From comments on the current presidential race to terrorism, Daniels does not bite his tongue.

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This week was no different. Tuesday, Daniels tweeted something that has some calling him a racist.

Daniels tweeted that there are some students who should spend time “picking cotton.”

There wasn’t much context for the tweet since Daniels’ previous tweet — sent two minutes prior — was about free speech.

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His critics pounced on the “picking cotton” tweet’s message.


Daniels did find some support, though.

Daniels followed up the next day with a message that he was talking about what young people could learn from manual labor.

Daniels seemed to get more support once he explained his position.

Daniels hasn’t returned to his soapbox on Twitter with any new controversial messages since. But, just wait…

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