Carrie Underwood’s love opens up about life after hockey Instagram/@catchindeers

If you just know Mike Fisher through his wife Carrie Underwood?s Instagram account, then you know he?s a solid family man who loves his wife and their son, Isaiah. Just look at him reading about Noah from the Bible to their little man!

Carrie said this moment made her heart melt, and that video got the water works going for several of us here at Rare Country, too.

Of course, we also know Mike for his highly-successful NHL career, which just wrapped up with his Nashville Predators making the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2017.

Now that he?s retired from hockey, we?re getting to see another side of Carrie?s hubby. Just check out his recent appearance on the ?Gritty Bowmen? podcast, where we get to meet Mike Fisher, the trash-talking hunter.

Mike appeared on the show with his brother, Bud, and their friend, Austin, to talk about their hunting adventures. They?ve launched a series of videos and blogs under the brand name Catchin? Deers, and this podcast appearance will give you a good idea of what to expect from these guys.


Mike jokes in the podcast that he had to retire from hockey to help ?run a company Bud was struggling with,? referring to the Catchin? Deers project.

Mike goes on to say, ?I just retired this summer. I?ve always loved to hunt, but I could never hunt a lot with my season. I could hunt here and there.?


Now, Mike and his Catchin? Deers buddies are free to spend a lot more time hunting. This new venture is also helping Mike slow down after years of intense competition on the ice.

He explains, ?My worst enemy is being patient. In hockey, everything happens quick. It?s aggressive. Everything happens boom, boom, boom, boom. My hardest thing is to relax. Even as a player, I was a go, go, go.?

As for which one of them is the best hunter in the group, Mike admits his brother would take that title.

?Bud, he?s shot the most out of all of us,? Mike says. ?He?s shot more than all of us combined, so I?d say Bud is the best shot. Have I beat him yet? Yes, of course.?

As for the humorous name Catchin? Deers, the guys came up with it after Austin, who is still pretty new to deer hunting, asked the other guys, ?Y?all catch any deers?? You can bet Austin got a lot of crap for that one, since deer hunters shoot rather than “catch” the animals. From there, Catchin? Deers became the official name of the group.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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