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Whoa, Carrie Underwood, that is NOT your baby boy Isaiah!  Where did the time go!?

Carrie and Mike Fisher?s 3-year-old son has grown up, y?all, and is the cutest and happiest little guy you?ve ever seen, especially when he gets to spend a day on the water with his daddy.

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Mike recently had a day off from the Nashville Predators, and decided to trade in a ?frozen pond? for a real one with his best man, little Isaiah.

?Day off = fishing with Izzy! Little man got this one with his first cast today and reeled it in himself. #prouddad,? Mike captioned and adorable photo of the two of them.

Goodness, look at these two! What a big moment. Casting your first line, catching one AND reeling it in on your own is a rite of passage and a really big deal!


And you can see how happy “Izzy,” as Mike affectionally nicknamed him, is about his big catch just by looking at the huge smile on his face.

Carrie must be melting right about now. Her fans sure are!

It is so sweet to see these two together. Truly like father, like son.

?Carrie, your guys are so adorable!? one fan commented!  Yes they are, we know she would agree with that.

?Isaiah, good catch. Are you bringing that home for your beautiful mama to cook or maybe even grill? Mike and Carrie have a real handsome little man. And Mike, I?m glad you?re playing hockey again,? another sweet fan wrote.

We are, too!  “Smashville” wasn’t the same without Mike during his brief retirement from hockey.

Another summed it up perfectly, saying, ?Ahhh, the simple things in life are the most memorable.?

No truer words.

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Hard to beat tobogganing with the little man in the great white north!

A post shared by Mike Fisher (@mfisher1212) on


?Hard to beat tobogganing with the little man in the great white north!? Mike captioned this photo from back in December of 2017. We just can?t get enough of this family!

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Time is precious when little ones are growing up. As the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. Continue treasuring these days, Carrie and Mike!

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