Carrie Underwood loves all animals … except this one Getty Images/Frazer Harrison
Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

We all know Carrie Underwood loves animals in a major way.

The superstar has two pups of her own, Ace and Penny, and champions animal welfare and rights with her own charity organization, the Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation (C.A.T.S.) in her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma.

But we did not know that there is one animal in particular that Carrie is not so keen on, and when we tell you, you’ll cry laughing. No offense, Carrie, but this is pretty funny.

Its turtles.

Carrie is not a fan of turtles … at all!

She shared an adorable picture of her son Isaiah petting a turtle on Instagram, but before we could even enjoy the sweetness of the pic, we were howling with laughter at the caption.


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“Fun fact: the only animal I do NOT like is a turtle,” Carrie wrote. “I’m fine with snakes and spiders and anything else that most people find scary, but turtles are NOT OK.”

Sounds to us like there’s a story here, but she didn’t go into detail, other than the hashtag #pleasedontbiteme.


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But all of this aside, Carrie said she will still pull her car over to help one cross the road, even though she “doesn’t like it.”

It looks like little man Isaiah is totally comfortable, despite Mom’s fear.

On another note, we now know who to call when we see a spider. Pick up, Carrie, it’s us, and we are scared …

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