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Busy moms should be praised for getting a workout in at any time of day, and Carrie Underwood is taking a big stand to protect those women’s right to work up a sweat.

One of Carrie’s good friends, who also happens to be her trainer, has been jumping rope and working out on the side of the field while her sons have soccer practice after school. A man who also attends those practices posted a picture on social media showing Carrie’s friend working out. His message with the post was quite nasty.


It reads, “Would it be wrong of me to tell her that every day at the soccer field thinks her standing out front with her jump rope for two hours only screams she wants attention. And I can only imagine what the soccer moms are thinking.”

Carrie’s friend, Erin Oprea, actually posted the picture on her Instagram page with the message, “Don’t let others bully you!!”

Carrie herself went much further posting a lengthy takedown of the guy shaming her busy friend.

Carrie’s post reads, “That man obviously has a big problem…with himself. I only hope he can learn to like himself someday so he can be an adult and stop bullying others for bettering themselves!”


Kudos to Carrie for sticking up for her fellow working mom. Carrie is a busy mom herself, continuing her Storyteller Tour with shows throughout the U.K. in the next two weeks.

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