“I Will Always Love You” has been sung a million times, but when Carrie Underwood joined Dolly Parton, we almost died

We can never forget the moment country music superstar Carrie Underwood joined country music legend Dolly Parton in 2009 for “The Carrie Underwood: All Star Holiday Special,” where the two discussed career, and sang together one of Parton’s hits: “I Will Always Love You.”

Although the song was made popular by Whitney Houston, it was originally written by Parton. She recorded the song in 1973 as a farewell to her one-time partner and mentor of seven years, Porter Wagoner, after Parton’s decision to pursue a solo career.

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In 2017, it was time for Carrie Underwood to take a much-deserved break after taking her “Storyteller Tour” to more than a million people in nine different countries across more than 100 shows last year. Although she didn’t release a new album this year, her time off the road wasn’t devoid of hard work or appearances — including her duet with Keith Urban that took radio by storm, an induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and her 100th appearance on the famed Grand Ole Opry stage.

What do you think: Is this version better than Whitney Houston’s?

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