Carrie Underwood admits she wasn’t prepared for this frigid adventure Instagram/@carrieunderwood

Brrrrrrr! It seems like much of the United States has been gripped by a wintry blast that includes ice, snow and temperatures dipping well below zero, so we can?t imagine the chill that our good friends in the great white north are feeling. Carrie Underwood and her family are taking one for the team, though. They?re in Ontario, Canada, celebrating the holiday break with husband Mike Fisher?s family.

While many of us are content to stay inside while North America continues to be frosted, sipping coffee and cocoa, stoking the fire, when you have a little one, they tend to want to go outside, no matter the temps, and explore the arctic environment.

Isaiah Fisher is no exception.

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And since Dad is a retired NHL hockey player, you would expect that exploration would involve some great activity, and you would be correct.

Sledding! Or tobogganing as Mike says.

Carrie reposted a photo that Mike shared on his Instagram page, and it shows father and son against a winter wonderland backdrop. Both Isaiah and his pops are bundled up, as you would expect, with not much exposed besides noses and cheeks, and they appear to be set to zing down a hill on their toboggan.

Where?s Mom, you might ask? She?s obviously nearby, but maybe not quite as prepared for the elements as her men are.

In her post, she writes, ?My boys playing in the snow! ? Thanks, Peterborough, for the good times! Next year, I?ll bring some better boots! #ICantFeelMyToes

Kinda makes your toes sting just reading it, doesn?t it?

Of course, Carrie knew she was going to be facing frigid temps, and in a photo she shared previously, she was so wrapped up, all you could see where those beautiful eyes. While we?re sure she had proper snow boots, it sounds like they may not have been as thick as she would have liked.

But, let?s get real. On New Year?s Eve, the high in Peterborough is predicted to be 0. Zero. ZEEEE-ROH! In other words, pretty dang cold.

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Although the temperature in Nashville for New Year?s Eve is only supposed to be 27, that might seem downright balmy compared to what Carrie has been experiencing. But maybe not so much for the stars who are performing outside during Nashville?s ?Jack Daniels Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Nashville.?


If you feel like braving the cold though, you can see a great show! Country artists Keith Urban, Maren Morris and Carly Pearce will perform, along with legendary rockers Cheap Trick and many others. Not to mention, there is music pouring out of every honky-tonk in downtown Nashville. And while New York City will drop their crystal ball, in true Music City style, a giant music note drops against a breathtaking backdrop of fireworks.

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