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Brantley Gilbert is trying out something new on the road this year — traveling with a baby.

The country star and his wife, Amber, welcomed their baby boy, Barrett, last November, and now the entire family is loading up in the tour bus for the trek. It’s all part of Brantley adjusting to the changes that come with balancing his role as a country star with his new gig as a devoted dad to his baby boy.

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He tells the “Knoxville News-Sentinel,” “I’m still figuring it out. It changed a little bit when I got married, and it’s changed a lot already so far since little man has been in the picture. So we’re really trying to figure that out and just kind of cross bridges as we come to them, and I hope I’m doing a good job so far.”

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Brantley will still be writing songs this year, and you can bet fatherhood is going to be a big topic in his lyrics.

“I think it can’t help but have an affect on it,” Brantley says of fatherhood and songwriting “I write songs about my life, and I think most songwriters do, and you know, him being that important in my life of course, and … everything about life is just changing by the day, so I think it can’t help but have an affect on it. Hopefully an awesome affect. I know he’s had an awesome affect on my life, so I hope that translates well and represents itself as the big part it is in this next chapter.”

Since he’s now a father and a husband, Brantley finds it’s much harder to leave his family when he goes to work. He got his first taste of that separation when he had to go rehearse for the new tour a few weeks back.


Says Brantley, “It was different having a baby in the picture and heading out to rehearsal — that was my first time being away from him — but … it turned out really well.”

Luckily, Brantley plans to have little Barrett with him on the road quite a bit this year.

As for his live show, Brantley thinks fans will see a different side of him than they might expect if they’re just judging him from his tough-looking album covers. He shows a bit of that softer side in his new song and video for “The Ones That Like Me.”


Brantley says, “The song, to me, is about the folks out there who have followed us for a long time that know that there’s more to me than tattoos and chains … know there’s another side, and it’s not all about standing in front of a camera with my arms crossed looking at the camera like I’m trying to beat it up.”

Fans can also expect some stripped-down moments in Brantley’s 2018 shows.

He adds, “The tour was for the people, you know, for the fans, the folks that … have been there for a long time. We asked their input on songs they like to hear that maybe we haven’t played in a couple of years or we hadn’t played live, and we did that. There was a lot of feedback about adding an acoustic performance back in the show. We did that.”

Check out to see where he’s playing next.

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