Blake Shelton’s latest parental moment with Gwen’s son goes hilariously wrong Instagram Story/@GwenStefani
Instagram Story/@GwenStefani

We’re only three days into the New Year and Blake Shelton is already “stuck”—in the mud. Have mercy, y’all.

Fortunately, for our amusement and enjoyment, Gwen captured the entire saga on her Instagram story, and we have to admit, it’s pretty dang funny. Although we’d never let Blake see us laughing, because it just so happens that Blake wasn’t the one who bogged the super-nice Chevy pickup down in the mud!

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It was Kingston, Gwen’s oldest son, whom Blake just so happened to be teaching how to drive.

OK, we couldn’t even be mad if we wanted to be, because this is just too sweet. They are truly and very seriously bonding here, guys. This is a big moment for Blake and Gwen’s oldest. And all was going well until Kingston drove Blake’s Chevy across a frozen Oklahoma pond that wasn’t so frozen.

Gwen jumps out of another truck, yelling, “What happened? What did you do?!” as she is obviously holding back laughter.

Blake responds, “I was teaching Kingston how to drive, and he just took off driving like a maniac into the middle of the pond … the frozen pond,” as he is also trying his best to hold back laughter and be serious in his “dad” moment. The first video ends with Blake asking, “Can you believe Kingston?”

We also hear who we can only assume is Kingston in the background stating, “I did not drive that” and “I swear.”

But something tells us it might have been Blake’s idea to charge into the mud and not poor Kingston’s.

“So Blake really wanted to go through the mud and it got stuck?” Gwen asks laughing.

“This ain’t the first one we’ve blown through,” Blake says sheepishly.


A-ha! There we have it—the hilarious truth.

So with the help of another truck, a chain and a little bit of country ingenuity, Blake and Kingston were rescued and no harm was caused to the Chevy.

It just goes to show you that celebrities aren’t immune to disastrous (albeit humorous) events during some of life’s most memorable moments, and now Kingston will have a driving story no one in the family will ever forget or let him live down!

Sadly, Gwen and the boys left for Los Angeles after the shenanigans. Like the rest of us, it’s time to head back to reality after the holiday break. And she was sad to leave her man.

Instagram Story/@GwenStefani
Instagram Story/@GwenStefani

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Now, can we just say–get married already, Shefani!!! In case you missed it, Blake’s good friend and newly appointed official co-host of “Today,” Hoda Kotb, looked at Carson Daly from “The Voice” during Tuesday’s telecast and said, “My other prediction [for 2018,] Carson, is that Blake and Gwen are going to get married.”

We wouldn’t be mad about it.

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