What do you think it would be like to discover that you aren’t the only celebrity in your family tree? Would you feel shock? Excitement? How about a little fear?

In a newly shot segment for “HLN Our Journeys Home,” Blake Shelton seemed overjoyed to discover that he is related to “Morning Express” host Robin Meade. Blake broke the news to Robin via video, saying, “Apparently, you and I share a third great granddad from back in the hollers of eastern Kentucky, which makes us fourth cousins. Are you freaking out? I’m freaking out right now.”

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After the clip, Robin admitted to her “Morning Express” co-hosts, “What they didn’t put in there is when I went, ‘Blake! Aw, that means that I can’t say that he makes my liver quiver because he’s cute.’ He’s family now.”

“HLN Our Journeys Home” digs into the roots and families of various HLN hosts and anchors, unearthing unknown truths about their paths. And while Robin exclaimed, “That’s amazing,” we aren’t sure she’s fully thought this through.

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We’re kidding, of course. Family reunions with Blake would have to be a blast! Lots of fun, tons of music and if you put him in charge of refreshments, he’d probably bring plenty of Smithworks vodka, right?

It does pose the question, though, if you could be related to any country star, who would it be? Leave us your comments and tell us why!

“HLN Our Journeys Home” airs on Tuesday nights.

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