Blake Shelton visits the past to offer his younger self a piece of advice Facebook / The Voice
Facebook / The Voice

If Blake Shelton could give his younger self one piece of advice it would likely be this: cut off the mullet!

The country music superstar, who now dons a much shorter and sleeker hairstyle than he did in the early part of his career, starred in a hilarious opening video created to kick off  the season 13 “The Voice” finale on Dec. 19.

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In this “Back to the Future”-inspired clip, Blake finds himself in a panic after he realizes he’s running late to the “The Voice” set.

“OK, I’m no thief, but I haven’t missed a show in 13 seasons,” he says, as he tosses a garment bag into a stranger’s DeLorean and climbs into the driver’s seat to take off down the highway.

While driving at a speed of 88 mph, he takes an unexpected blast into the past, and recognizes a marquee sign reading “Denbo Diamond Award Winner”— a prize he won decades ago back in Oklahoma.

“Where am I?” Blake questions, while stepping out of the hot-rod. “I won that award 25 years ago!”

That’s when the crooner recognizes a familiar country singer pushing a stroller down the sidewalk.

“Billy Ray Cyrus!” Blake shouts at the mullet-wearing cowboy. “It’s me. Blake Shelton. I’m on ‘The Voice’ with Miley [Cyrus.]”

“What’s ‘The Voice?’” a confused Billy Ray asks Blake, before pointing out the little infant in the baby carriage. “How can Miley be on there? She’s just a baby. And, there’s no way you’re a country music superstar. You don’t even have a mullet.”

Before the clip comes to an end, Blake turns around and hilariously comes face-to-face with his younger self who does, indeed, sport a mullet. The doppelgänger, who dons a cowboy hat just like the one Blake used to wear, appears confused by the elder Blake until the 41-year-old explains that he’s a future version of the rising star. The early “Austin” singer then quickly seeks some guidance.


“Do you have any advice for me?” he inquires.

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“Cut the hair, man,” Blake quips before walking away.

These days, Blake in no way needs advice in either the looks or the career department. As fans likely already know, not only did he nab the “People” magazine’s 2017 “Sexiest Man Alive” title, but his Team Blake mentee, Chloe Kohanski, also came out the season 13 winner of “The Voice,” giving Blake his sixth overall victory as a coach.

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