Blake Shelton reveals the ugly truth about his recent milestone birthday Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Getting older happens to all of us, and Blake Shelton is no different. He’s doing pretty well dealing with the fact that he’s now in his 40s, though.

During a recent appearance on Netflix’s “Chelsea,” Blake says of his recent 40th birthday, “I don’t care. I don’t have a feeling about it.”

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It’s other people’s thoughts on the matter that have Blake worried though.

He adds, “I think people were surprised to think I was just now turning 40. That’s the God’s-honest truth, ’cause my hair’s been gray for awhile. I’m fuckin’ fat, and all the stuff that happens when you’re getting older.”

There’s also that beer belly Blake’s constantly battling.

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“I just drink too much beer,” he says.

In all honesty, Blake has been looking rather trim and debonair lately. Having a girlfriend as gorgeous and fashionable as Gwen Stefani may have something to do with that.

During his appearance on “Chelsea,” Blake also admitted he’d hit rock bottom following his divorce from Miranda Lambert last year. Finding unexpected new love with Gwen turned all of that around. He now says his life is better than ever thanks in large part to Gwen’s support.

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